Friday, August 12, 2011

Say Cheese Effects App

Besides the standard photo effects built into the camera and implemented by Say Cheese, we are getting requests for Advanced Filter Effects, such as outline and old photo surface effects and frames. There is already a button for using third party image handlers such as Google Googles, but providing our own is a good idea.

So, I'm writing a new companion app called Say Cheese Effects. I could publish this app within a week. It will launch directly from Say Cheese Camera, and visa versa. Effects will work with any photos in the gallery, not just those taken with Say Cheese Camera, so it will be a stand alone effects handler for use from other apps, not just Say Cheese Camera. But there will be a dedicated effect button in Say Cheese Camera to launch Say Cheese Effects immediately after taking a photo.

Effects will have some cool filters but also frame compositions, including old retro style frames with surface textures. This should be fun and a great enhancement to Say Cheese Camera. I'll post some programming tips as I write this puppy.


  1. You can add effects to your photos at without installed software

  2. Jimdaniel, great product you have. I'll try adding effects with a live framed photo. That should be an interesting combination. Live frames let you position the target inside the frame before taking the picture.

  3. I think it's not enough enough of the standard photo effects built into the camera. I often use my iPhone to make photos and I like to edit them, it's not necessary to have the professional camera to add different effects, you can use photo effects app its very simple to use but have enough of the function to make increase your photo quality.