Friday, September 9, 2011

1.4.5 Update

Here's partial listing of improvements in the new 1.4.6 posted today.

Voice recognition starts after voice response finishes to avoid infinite verbal loops. Funny, but now fixed.

Doc Scan/Auto Focus begins focusing after the Smile request, not during.

Voice response begins after image processing to avoid sync issues.

Stealth is brighter and the hardware return button takes you out of stealth

Fixed location/time stamp auto size problems.

Hardware return button, while viewing a snapshot, acts like the save button and no longer just exits the app.  

You can frame existing photos from the zoom view now by pressing the frame button.

Added Auto Update helper menu item.

Improved frames browser that includes a “Get More Frames” button.

Avoids battery usage when paused or stopped. No background process except when uploading. 


Did you know?

How to check for battery usage by applications:

Settings/About Phone/Battery/Battery Use  

This will show the usage of battery by applications since booting. Some people look at usage and think the most recently used app is the biggest battery user and remove the app. They might even think the app is using battery power when it's not even running. This is not how these stats work. When that app is not running, it's usage percentage eventually goes down as other apps are used, but not immediately after stopping the app and running another. 

For example, I noticed that Skype was using battery power, so I force closed it and stopped its running service. But for a long time it's battery usage remained the same. Not because Skype was still using the battery, but because it's percentage relative to other apps had not changed. 

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