Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Android Market Download Statistics Are Not Updating

Day 23
with download stats frozen. Google, you can fix it. We believe in you even if we can't talk to you.

I was about to do a press release before this. Perhaps, I need to do a news release instead. Android Market download statistics are broken or frozen for some apps, including all of ours. Seems to be developer related, not app specific. Not very nice from a company that is supposed to be developer friendly and open. The interesting thing is that we were just a few downloads from a new category of 10,000 to 50,000 after a steady incline and that's when the stats froze. Not sure if that's related. I've emailed Google and filled out their contact forms with no luck, not even a response. But their little download graph for our apps keeps going down because the stats are not showing the new installs as a result of their broken or delayed system.

From blogging, I see this is pretty common and some developers have been stuck for weeks. That's not encouraging. I posted a new build, but that didn't help. Well, I'll just have to find a way to talk to someone there. That should be fun. Forum Complaints

Working on Iphone software. I wonder if IOS has this kind of problem.

Day 8 Update! I just received a nice email from Google saying they are looking into the problem. Well that's encouraging.

This is kind of funny. We have more Retro Frames sales than we have installs because of the Google's failure to update download install stats.

Day 12 Update! This is nuts! They found a solution for having more active users than installs. Now they no longer update the active users stat either.

Day 18 Update! From the phone's Android Market App, Say Cheese has jumped to the correct install category of 10 to 50 thousand and the count for the customer reviews seems to be updating. But from the website, the install count is still stuck. So the good news is that they may not have lost data.

Day 19 Update! Stats have been updated. Thanks Google! Please keep updating.

Day 22 Update! Stats are stuck again.

Day 28 Update! Working again.

Day 46 Update! Stats are stuck again. Obviously this is an on going problem for Google.


  1. We are experiencing the same issue. Did you ever get a response from Google? This is very disappointing :(

  2. Jsumpter, Nothing yet. We received the one email saying they were sending it to another group, but nothing since then.

  3. As I have only a free app in the android market this is not really a problem. But if I think someone has comerical app, how can he know if he really gets his money?

  4. I've released new app on sept.24. So, with new "just-in less" market , I've 0 downloads and 200 active installs- WTF, Google? No one downloaded it, but installed 200 times? LOL.

  5. Gads, sorry to hear about that mr. Zero installs is definitely a problem with building user confidence initially. If you post the name of your app I'll install it. Check to see if you get user ratings.

  6. How can someone do this to a paying customer! I have not received a single response from there side. I'm getting a feeling that they have lost some data.
    Also they have changed the label to day to
    total installs (users) &
    active installs (devices)

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  9. Broken again. If you publish to the Android Market, don't expect to rely on google for current statistics.

  10. Stuck again. Seems to be related to milestones. We are a few hundred away from 50,000 downloads. This happened at 10,000 downloads and we were stuck for 3 weeks.

  11. Seems to be fixed now. Good news.