Sunday, September 11, 2011

Removed Greystrip Banner Ads

I removed Greystripe banner ads from Say Cheese 1.4.7. They ugly up the app and I can't see profits for a long time. Something wrong with this ad model. The ads coming in are completely unrelated to photography and they kept serving the same ads. So heck with that.

We will only be promoting our own Adons and other apps from rainApps itself. The alternative is a paid version with no ads, but I don't think that's a way to grow and improve a generic app like Say Cheese. We need users and feedback to make this a great product while we keep building cool paid for add-ons.

Other features in 1.4.7

Battery Saver Feature

Improved the Compass

Rotating the camera for portrait shots will now rotate the image to match. Thanks for all the requests for this feature!

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