Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Continuous Voice Recognition

Just posted Say Cheese 1.5.6 with a continuous voice recognition option. It's a radio button under Voice Controls. This is a cool feature and a direct result of user feedback, so Thanks!

Using continuous voice recognition with auto-save enabled provides a completely hands free camera. You can even put the camera down while pointing at a target and issue voice commands from a distance. Then walk away and come back later and your phone is still waiting for voice commands.

Using continuous voice recognition will use more battery because Say Cheese just keeps listening even when the app is paused by the operating system. But for many purposes this is a great new feature and easily managed with the Say Cheese table of contents style scrolling settings screen. You can choose between normal voice recognition, no voice recognition or continuous. You still need to press the speaker button and turn it green to start listening in either normal or continuous mode. Press the green speaker again to turn off listening.

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