Sunday, November 6, 2011

Interesting user response

A user who's name is Jim posted this:

"I can't spare any phone memory when there are so many camera apps that will work on the SD card."

I've been trying to understand what he is saying. Say Cheese stores it's photos in the SayCheesePics folder on the SD card. Perhaps because the Say Cheese photos are in their own folder Jim had the impression that Say Cheese was not using the SD card. So Jim, if you see this blog, check your SayCheesePics folder to verify Say Cheese is using the SD card.

Ok, I've figured it out. This was a new one on me. In order to enable moving your app to the SD card you need to include "android:installLocation="auto" in the manifest.

Now Say Cheese supports moving the app to the SD card to save phone memory. This feature is now available in version 1.5.7. The Move to SD Card is a button in the settings/applications/manage applications/Say Cheese Camera. You can also move it back to the phone.

Thanks Jim!

Also, instead of posting a bad review, there is a Contact Us feature in the app itself. Just press the Menu button and there is a Contact Us option. We read all the feedback.

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