Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Say Cheese Version 1.6.6 is Live (Android)

I recommend this version!  Version 1.6.6 is much faster overall. 

New Features Include:

* Free Frames (a set of 19) 

1. Some Motorola phones would black out after snapshot and save. Fixed.

2. New Corner Store Love Frames 

3. Instant Upload to Facebook after snapshot option.

4. Addons coupon support.

5. Down facing camera remains in landscape mode, no longer rotates the image.

6. Generally faster.

7. Swipe Up on camera view to get directly to the Live Frames browser.

8. Swipe Right to change live frames from camera view.

9. Advanced Settings
   - Stay alive when launched from another app

Once logged into facebook, Instant Upload will immediately upload to facebook with no user interaction and upon completion return to the camera view. Check the Instant Upload check box to enable. Only active when auto-save is also enabled or long press snapshots are taken. 

The PowerUp Coupon code field in the Corner Store, lets you purchase Addons at a discount when coupons are available. See the facebook say cheese fan page for the latest deals.

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