Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Great Iphone Camera Apps

I believe these are the best camera apps on the IPhone currently. I'm working on an IPhone version of Say Cheese so I'm researching other iphone camera apps. I'll blog about the best features of these great camera apps. If there are other camera apps that you like please let me know.

    - Settings menu
    - Zoom slider
    - Photo Info
    - Good speed
    - Stabalizer, timer and burst modes
    - Lots of editing effects
    - Sharing 

    - No help docs
    - Setting point exposure is a little confusing. You  use a pinch. Not obvious. 
    - No pinch zoom because of their focus/exposure method.
    - Not sure I like the intermediate light box approach. Better use of the default gallery instead. 
    - No batch sharing that I could find. 
    - No HDR mode.
    - No sharing support site like Instagram. 


Big Lens

360 Panorama


Say Cheese Camera (Hold on. I'm writing it. XCode is different than Android Java but I'm cranking.)

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