Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Develop First for Iphone

I've come to believe mobile app developers should first build for the IPhone/IPad. Then when profitable, move on to the Android. I'm not arguing that one platform is better than the other, but writing software for the Android is more expensive and time consuming. This is because of all the various devices and OS versions floating around.

After working extensively on both platforms, I'm convinced that the smart strategy is to perfect your app on the IPhone. You won't need to be concerned with all the multiple device issues. You can focus on what your application is supposed to be. But artwork and design are critical on the IPhone.

You can even think of the IPhone as a prototype for your Android app. You won't need access to dozens of different phones and operating systems. You can just design and code. Then once you are profitable, it will make building that great Android app much easier.

What did I do? I started with the Android. Live and learn. After launching Say Cheese for the IPhone, I plan to come back and apply everything I've learned on the IPhone to making the Android version even better. But believe me, I did it the  hard way.

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