Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Frame Any Photo in Seconds

‎*Notice* If you had problems installing the Free Frames, just try again. There was a problem that has been fixed now.

Ok, this is cool. Starting with version 1.7.1, Say Cheese has become an intent provider for framing photos from other apps, including the default Gallery App. When you share a photo, Say Cheese will be listed as an option. When Say Cheese is selected, the Frames Browser will show up. Just select any frame and your photo is framed and stored back in the gallery as a framed copy without touching your original photo.

It's a snap! Frames are now available for any photos. In the future we will add more editing features like our new coming filters. Whoops! That's not an announced feature yet. I'm just a programmer, so I can blame blabbing on knowing nothing about marketing.

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