Friday, May 10, 2013

Better to develop for Apple or Android?

Having built both an Android Camera App (Say Cheese) and now an IPhone Camera App (Zazado), I am familiar with the pros and cons of both platforms. Google support for Android developers is almost non-existent. No phone support and very limited and specific email support. I've have a broken link to the "Visit Developer's Website" in Google Play for six months now. It's just a simple field in the developer console where you enter metadata but I have no way of reporting this problem. No idea why Google has such bad support for their developers.

Apple, on the other hand, is tough. They have high standards and getting approved for new apps and updates is difficult and time consuming. But they do communicate with their developers. And because there are fewer Apple devices, developing on the IOS platform is much cheaper and easier to test.

But on the other hand, Android is more open. Adding voice recognition to Say Cheese for example took some clever programming, but I was not restricted. Apple keeps that feature to themselves for now at least. So Apple is more of a sandbox environment. But I would recommend starting any mobile development first on IOS.

I guess the trick is to just muddle through all the deficits of each platform in your effort to produce great apps. Don't expect to find the perfect development environment on either platform.

Now look at this Google Stack Overflow issue. Google uses Stack Overflow for some of their developer tech support. No idea why a so called third party is necessary. So I opened this question, and they closed the issue. Then I posted the question again directly from a Google Play link. Closed again by Stack Overflow. Getting developer tech support from Google is a mystery. And it's not like Say Cheese is some unknown app. Notice it is in the 100 to 500 thousand installs category and growing. If I find a great way to get developer help from Google I will definitely post it here on this blog. 

Google Developer Question

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  1. Update. Google fixed the broken link. Perhaps the trick is to just make enough noise.