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72 Percent of Mobile App Revenue Comes From Paid In App Purchases. NOT KIDDING! See Here

The Other 28 percent is from apps you have to pay for, and those paid for apps don’t get installed as often as free apps.  Infact, 48% of all mobile app revenue comes from free apps that sell addons.

If you are not selling InApp addons for your mobile app, you should be. It beats any other revenue stream hands down, including advertising. And it’s great for your users because they can get addons they want for an app they already have and like. And you get to sell new addons to your existing users, and better still, you are in control..  

But here’s even more good news. You can Power Up your addon sales for more exposure than you can imagine. I’m going to tell you how to promote your Mobile App Addons with PowerupCoupons. This is very cool! I just added PowerUpCoupon support to Say Cheese Camera.   PowerUpCoupons is viral. Social marketing meets the mobile market place with Powerup.  PowerUp works with Facebook, so you will want to have a Facebook Fan Page. This is not necessary, but a very good idea anyway.

You can read all about PowerUpCoupons here: PowerUp Coupons Link But what I’m going to show you  is how to use this cool marketing tool with your mobile apps.

Here’s how it works. You build a slick coupon with the Powerup Coupon Builder.  You get access to the builder when you signup with PowerUp. It’s simple. And unlike Groupon, you don’t have to share revenue, and you can make as many coupons as you want.  Did you know that Groupon takes half your revene from each sale? That’s nuts! But not PowerUp, and PowerUp is social and viral. Getting interested?

Here's a video with more information:
PowerUP! Sequence 2-YouTube

Ok, here’s the cool part. When someone on Facebook shares your coupon, the coupon “powers up” and gives them a redemption code for whatever deal you offer them.  Powerup handles all the dirty details of generating the coupon redemption code for you. The only thing you have to do is add some basic code to your application to call two restful webservices. On to check to see if the coupon code is valid, and the other to redeem the code after they purchase.

Now, you are probably wondering how you can get Google and Apple to support your coupons. Well the great answer is that you don’t! This has nothing to do with Google or Apple.  They get their checkout share regardless of what product you sell. So all you have to do is offer discounted InApp versions of your products. That’s it! For example, we sell Live Frames as addons for Say Cheese. We made a PowerUpCoupon that gives the users a 50% discount on any frame. Then we added the 50% versions of the frames as InApp products.  

They are the same exact frames. This method just enables us to use the same Google or Apple checkout mechanism to sell an AddOn for a different price. If a users enters a valid discount coupon code from PowerUp, we sell them the discounted version of the Addon. Otherwise, they never see the discounted price.

Here’s a snapshot of a Say Cheese PowerUp Coupon. 

Now, as I said, you use two simple webservices. 

1. https://raincloud.ws/api/powerup/iscouponvalidcheck?code=xxxxxx

2 https://raincloud.ws/api/powerup/redeemcouponbycode?code=xxxxxx

Here xxxxxx is the coupon code the user gets from the PowerUp Coupon when the share it.

What could be easier? PowerUp gives you a cool coupon maker and handles all the dirty stuff for creating unique codes. And the support webservices, let you check for valid coupon codes and redeem them once used.  I added support to Say Cheese in less than an hour using these two webservices. Here’s a snapshot of the Say Cheese Corner Store, where users buy addons. Notice the Coupon field at the top. If they enter a valid code, I sell them the discounted addon and redeem the code.  But they download the same exact frames, regardless of the price they paid for them. 

PowerUp sells multiple plans. I would recommend the Spark or Power Plan, depending on your volume. They also have and Admin plan if you want them to manage posting your coupons to your fan page, but honestly, the Spark or Power plan should work just fine for mobile apps. Here’s a link to their plans:

PowerUPCoupon Plans

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