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New FREE Say Cheese Camera app leaps ahead the 

Android photography experience with new features for a Smart Device Camera

rainapps, LLC.  FREE Say Cheese Camera app features cutting edge technology, such as the easy and time saving batch uploading to Facebook, without the frustrations of uploading photos one at a time that’s common elsewhere.  With an innovative Voice Response feature, no touch photography is as easy as exclaiming “Say Cheese!” and it has a playful Stealth Mode feature for taking photos on the slyJ.  If one looked at a melted cheese sandwich and says the Android is the bread, then the hot and delicious cheese inside is Say Cheese,a major enhancement to an Android device that’s downloadable for free!  (
With Say Cheese, keeping track of another camera is a thing of the past because your smart device is always with you.  Say Cheese is heavy on useful photographic attributes, something not commonly found in this sphere.  With the Voice Response feature, you control the show and when the picture is taken. Setting the self-timer for a picture and trying to make it front and center is now obsolete. Voice Response contributes to eliminating shaking, which otherwise ruins your best pictures.  Just setup your device on a solid surface and take your picture the no touch way – just grin and “Say Cheese”!  Perfect!
Say Cheese’s Bulk Upload is a game changer when uploading pictures directly to Facebook.  Say you have captured your child’s winning goal, or are at an awards ceremony and are eager to flash the pictures to your family and friends on Facebook.  With Say Cheese’s ability to quickly upload multiple pictures, it’s easy to get your photos off your camera and posted online or e-mailed. Inconvenient one by one picture uploads are a thing of the past.
An awesome feature of the Say Cheese app is Stealth Mode.  Stealth Mode enables your devices’ screen to go blank and you may then just casually snap pictures.  In Say Cheese’s Stealth Mode, the operator just presses anywhere on the device’s blank screen to take the picture, no fumbling for the shutter button. To a casual observer are you on a phone call, checking your e-mail or in Stealth Mode?  With Say Cheese, it’s easy to be sneaky!
The free Say Cheese Camera App for Android devices is developed by rainapps, llc.  Launched in 2010, rainapps successfully blends technology and creativity together.  Thoughtful creativity and planning is evident in the execution of Say Cheese.  rainapps has already published two free Facebook applications, rainFrames and rainSlides, with more to be released in Q3.  An IOS version of Say 
Cheese is in the works.The development team combines over 50 years of technology experience.