Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Apple Takes a Byte Out of Say Cheese

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then RainApps should be thanking Apple for including a camera voice control feature in their up coming IOS 5.1.

But Android users can get Say Cheese right now. Say Cheese has various voice commands that can fire the camera, including: “Take” and “Hey” and “Smile,” and Say Cheese will even talk back with all kinds of responses, including user defined talk backs.

So if you use or market androids, don’t be intimidated when a friend brags about how the IPhone now has a voice activated camera, because you can install Say Cheese Camera right now for free from the Android Market.

And Rainapps has an IPhone version of Say Cheese in the works for all you iPhone users that want even more voice control for your camera.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Festive Frames with Shake & Snap in 1.5.8

Just posted the 1.5.8 update. With this update you get the new Shake & Snap feature and you can install the new Festive Frames for the Holidays.

Shake & Snap is an options you can find just under the Voice Controls. When turned on, you are able to snap a photo by shaking the camera. There's a 1.5 second delay before simulating the shutter button. This is very effective with voice response.

I personally wanted this feature for when I'm skiing and riding on the chair lift. Sometimes Voice Controls are out of range and I didn't want to keep my gloves off. So I set Shake & Snap On and Auto Save On and I'm good to go, all nice an warm. Pretty slick trick!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Now XCoding. This one is for Steve Jobs. Sorry I'm late Steve. Also, sorry I made fun of your Kauai house in my Rainhut novel. But building on the beach next to a public rest room? Just hoping you're having fun at the next level.

Checkout my xcoding programming tips page on this blog.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Interesting user response

A user who's name is Jim posted this:

"I can't spare any phone memory when there are so many camera apps that will work on the SD card."

I've been trying to understand what he is saying. Say Cheese stores it's photos in the SayCheesePics folder on the SD card. Perhaps because the Say Cheese photos are in their own folder Jim had the impression that Say Cheese was not using the SD card. So Jim, if you see this blog, check your SayCheesePics folder to verify Say Cheese is using the SD card.

Ok, I've figured it out. This was a new one on me. In order to enable moving your app to the SD card you need to include "android:installLocation="auto" in the manifest.

Now Say Cheese supports moving the app to the SD card to save phone memory. This feature is now available in version 1.5.7. The Move to SD Card is a button in the settings/applications/manage applications/Say Cheese Camera. You can also move it back to the phone.

Thanks Jim!

Also, instead of posting a bad review, there is a Contact Us feature in the app itself. Just press the Menu button and there is a Contact Us option. We read all the feedback.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Continuous Voice Recognition

Just posted Say Cheese 1.5.6 with a continuous voice recognition option. It's a radio button under Voice Controls. This is a cool feature and a direct result of user feedback, so Thanks!

Using continuous voice recognition with auto-save enabled provides a completely hands free camera. You can even put the camera down while pointing at a target and issue voice commands from a distance. Then walk away and come back later and your phone is still waiting for voice commands.

Using continuous voice recognition will use more battery because Say Cheese just keeps listening even when the app is paused by the operating system. But for many purposes this is a great new feature and easily managed with the Say Cheese table of contents style scrolling settings screen. You can choose between normal voice recognition, no voice recognition or continuous. You still need to press the speaker button and turn it green to start listening in either normal or continuous mode. Press the green speaker again to turn off listening.