Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Not From Earth App

The Not From Earth Alien Detection App is within weeks of launching. We've got a link to their first video tutorial.

This App is a lot of fun. It uses image recognition, segmentation, style transfer effects and more.




Much more to come about this App because of the technology it uses. 

MacBook Pro 16 Inch

The new Macbook Pro 16 inch is the best laptop ever built by Apple. I just purchased one and I love it. Finally a computer for on the go programmers, designers and writers with nothing left behind.

Here's why:

1. At full use,  the battery lasts 11 hours. 

2. Comes with an Immersive 16-Inch Retina Display that is 80 Percent Faster

3. They finally fixed the keyboard. I'm not kidding. 

4. The display has a resolution of 3072x1920 and a higher pixel density of 226 ppi. The 16-inch Retina display delivers 6 million pixels.

5. It comes with advanced thermal architecture. The best ever in a notebook. So it runs at higher power for sustained periods of time. 

6.  The latest 6- and 8-core 9th-generation processors with Turbo Boost speeds up to 5.0 GHz, deliver 2.1 times faster performance than the quad-core 15-inch MacBook Pro. This thing rips. 

7.  It comes with a new AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series graphics with GDDR6 video memory upgradable from 4 GB to 8GB of VRAM. Th GPU is 80 percent faster than the previous high-end configuration.

8. You are able to upgrade to 8 TB of storage.

At a similar price as previous Macbooks, Apple finally has a product that is worth the cost.