Saturday, December 29, 2018

Best iPhone Camera Apps for Photos in 2019

Today iPhones have a default Camera that is easy to fire up, has robust features and supports the latest hardware such as the dual lens.  Unlike any third-party App, Camera is quickly available from the lock screen. 

Default IOS Camera Overview
  • Capture high-quality photos
  • Focus and Exposure
  • Portrait Mode with Depth Matte
  • Blur the background with Portrait Mode
  • Live Photos of moving images
  • Action photos with burst mode
  • Shoots HDR Photos for better exposure
  • Launch from the lock screen
  • Pano mode for capturing ultra-wide panoramic photos.
* Portrait mode is only available on: iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 8 PlusiPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max.

Apple’s Camera App keeps improving, and it’s hard to see why anyone would want to compete with Apple on their own hardware. So how can developers compete?

Apple provides developers with the full spectrum of Camera features in the form of IOS APIs. They do this to support all kinds of Apps like Snapchat or Instagram, Drones or Games, or other Apps that need access to the onboard camera.

But for basic photography, let’s look at some Apps that are a step up from the default Camera. Each of these Apps use the camera APIs, so in that sense, they have no inherent advantage over each other or the default Camera App. For useful third-party Apps, they should provide the following features above and beyond the default Camera App.

Special Features that Best Camera was looking for. 

  • Strategic App Design: ease of use while enhancing on the default features.
  • Manual Controls: for more detailed focus, exposure, ISO, white balance and shutter speed.
  • Enhanced Portrait mode:  new iPhones with dual cameras provide depth information. A depth map is like an image; but instead of each pixel providing color, the pixel indicates the distance from the camera to that pixel in the image. We are looking for Apps that build mattes for on the fly green screening, background blurring or even something completely different.
  • Raw Capture: uncompressed raw images provide better quality at the expense of larger file sizes. But the higher quality is a valuable special feature.
  • Fast Capture: the capture phase needs to be fast even while implementing enhanced features. 
  • Better Image Effects: the default Camera has some effects, but this is an opportunity for a third-party camera App to shine if done well. 
Best Camera's Choices for 2019 iPhone Photography 

1. Camera+ 2

  • Great for controlling background blur in portrait mode. Has an onboard editor. 
  • Manual Mode for better control of shutter speed, ISO and white balance.
  • Seperate controlls for focus and exposure.
  • High detail RAW and JPEG capture formats.
  • Close Ups feature called Macro Modej.
  • Action Mode for snapping moving targets.
  • Slow Shutter for long exposures.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Paid (best price)

2. Halide

  • Smart Gesture Based Design.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Portrait Mode background blur.
  • High detail RAW and JPEG capture formats.
  • Manual Focus.
  • Paid

  • Interesting Design
  • Shutter Speed Slider
  • Manual ISO and white balance
  • Separate Manual Exposure and Focus
  • High detail RAW and JPEG capture formats.
  • Nice Image Effects Editor
  • Free (in apps)

4. ProCamera

  • Portrait Mode with background blur.
  • Manual shutter speed, white balance, and ISO.
  • Separate Focus and Exposure.
  • High detail RAW and JPEG capture formats.
  • Portrait Mode background blur.
  • Clean App Design
  • Paid

  • Each of these Apps has special advantages over the default Camera App and well worth the price.

  • We will be reviewing Apps in the categories of Social Networking, Games, Drones and just plain weird but fun Apps that have some very surprising and unexpected camera features.


  • Tuesday, December 18, 2018

    Funny Video Marketing for Apps

    App developers have discovered humor for marketing.

    Why use videos to promote an App?

    1. A video starts conversions that can lead to sales.
    2. Create company trust.
    3. Google search. You are 60 times more likely to be found with Google if you have a video.
    4. Mobile users love videos.
    5. Better messaging. Both sell and demo your App.
    6. Social Sharing. And a funny video can go a long way on social media.

    One of the better funny vids is from Chatbooks (upper right)

    This commercial was produced by Harmon Brothers in Utah. It does a good job of encouraging the installation of Chatbooks for making Photo Books.

    There's a brand new comedy video for Rain Cards (upper left)

    We received an early release of this commercial produced by Quality Characters in Santa Monica. The video encourages using greeting cards to express yourself and helps cure a poor guy with toxic masculinity. The production has well-known actors.

    Note* If you have any favorite funny videos for App marketing, let us know and we will post them here.


    Tuesday, December 11, 2018

    Portable Microscopes are Weird and Fun!

    Handheld Microscopes make great Santa gifts. 

    Here are Best Camera's top two picks for portable microscopes.


     Works with iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Window, Android 



    Works with Mac, Windows, Linux

    Saturday, December 8, 2018

    Drone Red

    Node-Red is flow programming. Get started writing your own drown software with little coding.

    This video of Kauai was explored with Drones. Towards the end, a Drone takes on Hanakapiai falls as never before. It’s spectacular!

    Here's a good starting point for using Watson IoT (internet of things) and Node-Red to write drone software.

    IBM Watson and Node-Red for Drones

    Learn about the architecture, Drone Setup, BlueMix(IBM Cloud), Cloudant DB, Gateway and Node-Red.

    Another Article from IBM

    but hurry, Ends Soon

    My next article will dive deep into Node-Red and Watson IoT coding for Drones

    Thursday, December 6, 2018

    Top 5 Smartphone Camera Add-Ons for 2019

    The best camera apps are taking advantage of improved smartphone lens technologies. In this article, I'll list our top 5 picks for cool add-ons for smartphone cameras.

    Each product listed has a quote from a real user.
    1. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit
    2. Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
    3. Eocean Tripod, 50-inch Video Tripod
    4. TODI Camera Lens 4K HD 2 in 1
    5. Moment - Superfish Lens

    Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone and Android, Macro and Wide Angle Lens with LED Light and Travel Case. 
    "Best IPhone camera lens I have ever purchased!!! This is hands down the best quality lens I have purchased. You will be amazed on how much detail you will get using the macro lens. Plus with the combination of the lenses you will capture a better picture for any use you normally use your iPhone camera for you can get just about every combination you will need to take photos with your IPhone with this one device."

    2) Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer w/Focus Pull & Zoom.
    "Before purchasing I watched many online reviews that included shots of video outputs and tested the smooth 4 in different situations like running, time lapse, action, following, etc. It wasn't perfect in all of those, and one reviewer even chose a more expensive option over the Smooth 4. But I felt this was the right mix for what we are doing, interviewing people, catching construction work, filming b-roll, adding some artistic flair to our work, and capturing our finished work in place. "Upping our game" so to speak. For $140 or less it makes a huge difference. It will help us provide quality content for those assignments without the budget to hire a pro."

    3) Eocean Tripod, 50-inch Video Tripod
    "I am very pleased with this, its very easy to set up. I use it for you tube videos as it can move high above the area i am filming. The legs are adjustable and they can be set at various heights easily. Havent tried the remote, but the tripod is easy to take up and down. Since i have limited space to film this is a plus. I plan to only use it indoors. I am not sure how rugged this would be for outdoor use, maybe limited outdoor use. I have a google pixel 2,set up on it. Also has a storage bag to carry it or store it easier."

    4) TODI Camera Lens 4K HD 2 in 1
    "I can not believe how incredible this lens works! I have a Galaxy S9 and the combination of the camera on my phone w this lens is impeccable. I took listing photos w this and my cell phone and the pictures turned out better than w the brand new $850 Cannon I was using. The pictures look professional. It's hard to believe that a cell phone camera and this little lens can take such unbelievable photos! Highly recommend!"

    5) Moment - Superfish Lens
    "Great image quality, simple and quick attachment, fair price, and a business that takes the time to keep the customer informed after the money has exchanged hands. I will be buying more of your products as they come available."

    Merry Christmas


    Quick Please. What is IoT, Rasberry PI and Node-Red?

    IoT means Internet of Things. 

    Raspberry Pi is a low cost credit card–sized computer that plugs into your TV or display, and supports a keyboard and mouse. 

    Node-Red is a new way to build IoT applications without coding and it can run on Rasberry PI or in any browser.

    Sunday, December 2, 2018

    Baby Photo Shooting Santa

    Some babies are afraid of Santa. This baby saw an opportunity for a photo shoot. She knows how to handle her favorite Best Camera App and took plenty of shots to get just the right one.

    She also insisted that they smile for her and face the camera.

    Say Cheese Santa!