Social Networking
  • Take photos, then batch upload them to Facebook. Facebook does not save your originals, so Say Cheese provides an option to save them in the rainApps cloud storage area.
  • Create a cool rainSlides slideshow on Facebook from your uploaded Say Cheese photos by just selecting a couple check boxes, or visit the rainSlides Facebook Application
  • Go to facebook to see your Say Cheese photos organized in albums.
  • Use rainSlides to publish your's and your friend's albums into great slide shows.
  • Use rainSlides to recover your original photos.
  • You and your friends can use rainSlides to print HQ photos from our Fed Ex partner integration. 
  • Say Cheese and rainSlides, the perfect social networking combination. 
  • Send multiple photos to any provider that supports multiple attachments such as email, messaging, Picasa. 
  • Snap and Upload option for immediate uploading after taking a picture.  
  • Say Cheese Fan Page.
Voice Response
  • Off (no voice response to snapshots)
  • Filtered (No obscene responses)
  • Un-Filtered (Any possible response. Naughty camera.)
  • User specified (entere your own responses)
  • This Response Only (you enter)
  • User specified Smile Message to replace "Say Cheese" with any message.
  • Install TTS voice data for different voices.
Voice Control
  • On (control your camera with speech commands such as "ready" and "zoom in"
  • Off (Turn off voice command listening)
  • Continuous for  continuous  voice recognition for long periods.
Shake & Snap
  • On (shake phone to take a snappshot. Has convenient time delay and voice still enabled)
  • Off
  • Main
  • Front Facing
Image Resolution
  • The largest possible choice of actual image sizes, including square for scrapbooking. You select the exact size of your photos, no obscure "widescreen" mumbo jumbo. 
Image Quality (no High, Low mumbo jumbo here either)
  • 100%
  • 90%
  • 80%
  • 70%
  • 60%
Auto Save
  • On (photos are save automatically after taking them)
  • Off (you can save, delete after the snap from a preview)
  • Instant Upload option
Voice Pitch
  • Standard
  • High
  • Low
Flash Light
  • Off
  • On
  • Auto
  • Red Eye
  • Torch
Scene Mode
  • Auto
  • Moving Objects
  • Bar Code
  • Beach
  • Candle Light
  • Fireworks
  • Distant Objects
  • People
  • Night Shot
  • Night People
  • Indoor Party
  • Show Show
  • Shaky Camera
  • Inside Theater
  • None
  • Aque
  • Mono (black and white)
  • Negative
  • Posterize
  • Sepia
  • Solarize
  • Others added periodically
Focus Mode
  • Infinity (normal)
  • Auto Focus (for closeup and document scanning)
  • Auto  Focus touch screen preview focus. 
  • Custom Thumbs to avoid orphaning
  • Multi Select
  • Delete
  • Batch Upload
  • Share (email etc)
  • Long press for entering cool zoom preview mode. Then long press again to zoom in anywhere on the photo.
  • Zoom Button for entering cool zoom preview mode. 
Image Preview
  • Long press slide up to zoom from anywhere
  • Long press slide down to un-zoom from anywhere
  • Swipe with physics edge bounce to move around in image
  • Navigation buttons
  • Image sharing and processing (email, Google Googles,  QR Codes, etc)
  • Add live frames 
Batch Uploading
  • Queue uploading service with notification
  • Upload to facebook and rainCloud
  • Facebook fan page info
On-Screen Controls
  • Shutter
  • Gallery
  • Settings
  • Voice Recognition
  • Zoom Controls
  • Brightness Controls
  • Level Indicator with compass
Five Ways to Take Photos
  • Ask Camera (voice commands)
  • Click Shutter Button (Uses settings)
  • Long Press Shutter Button (Quick snapshot and autosave)Stealth mode (long press anywhere on the screen)
  • Voice based timer countdown
  • Shake & Snap
Voice Based Timer Countdown (lets you get in the photo)
  • Set different amounts of time. Camera voice will countdown so there's no surprise when the photo is taken.
Level and Compass
  • Click the Level Indicator to toggle the Compass
Easy to use Settings Controls
  • Table of Contents 
  • Scrolling Settings
  • Quick Toggle buttons for on/off type settings.
Stealth Mode
  • Dark Screen (no preview) 
  • Longclick anywhere on the screen
  • Vibration feedback
Photo Stamping (photo surface)
  • Time Stamp
  • GPS Stamp 
Hardware Shutter Button Support
  • On (intercept long press and launch Say Cheese)
  • Off (ignore)

Snap Review

  • Save
  • Discard
  • Share
  • Share Say Cheese
  • Shutter Animation
Live Frames (Enhance your photos with frames and texture effects)
  • Shows the frames right on your camera view (live)
  • Frames Browser (swipe up from camera view to get to the frames browser)
  • Swipe right to move to the next frame immediately from camera view
  • Corner Store to purchase sets of Live Frames. 
Stamp Photos
  • No Stamping
  • Stamp All (time and location)
  • Time Only
  • Location Only
 Doc Scan (Auto Focus for close ups)
  • On (press screen to focus or take photo to focus)
  • Off
 Filename Category (add your own category name to saved file names)

Shutter Sound (on/off)

Advanced settings when launched from another app
  • Stay Alive
Onboard Help