Voice Commands

The following words and phrases are used in the Say Cheese voice control. Please let me know if you have any others you would like included.  Voice recognition can be different from person to person. 

Take a Picture

"take", "cake", "smile", "file", "mile", "ready",
           "reddy", "click", "quick", "snap", "cheese", "cheez", "tease",
           "please", "chilis", "chilli's", "jeans", "she's", "cheats",
           "cheesy", "geez", "she is", "cheeese", "genius", "cheers", "tee",
           "he's", "steve", "tv", "ees", "city", "she", "anne", "chase",
           "game", "eas", "ese", "ase"

Zoom In
zoom", "zoom in", "zoomen", "zoomiez", "zinnia", "union"

Zoom Out
zoom out", "zoomouch", "zoom wow"

Zoom Max

"zoom max", "zoom map"

Zoom Minimum

"zoom", "zoom in", "zoomen", "zoomiez", 
"zinnia", "union"

Switch between Front and Back Cameras 

"camera switch", 
"kama switch"