Monday, February 20, 2012

IPhone Programming Tips

Three important brand new features in IOS 5 & XCode 4 that I've come to believe in.

1) Use ARC! Automatic reference counting is compiler based memory management.  It has no negative impact on performance and you will have much fewer memory leaks.  You can mix ARC with older code so you can still use your old third party libraries that have not yet been converted.

2) Use the new Exception handlers. @try, @catch, @finally.  These will not impact performance. I was surprised to discover that.

3) Use the new Storyboard feature. It is said that real programmers never use the xcode interface builder (IB). I can understand why many programmers believe this, but storyboarding is a new feature that I like and I am using in Say Cheese IPhone. You can organize all you interface views onto a single storyboard. And what I really like is that you can set properties prior to switching to a new segue page and you can set a delegate for catching the round trip back. Basically, you can use any page like a subroutine.  And you can visually see the entire interface of  your application on your storyboard.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Great Iphone Camera Apps

I believe these are the best camera apps on the IPhone currently. I'm working on an IPhone version of Say Cheese so I'm researching other iphone camera apps. I'll blog about the best features of these great camera apps. If there are other camera apps that you like please let me know.

    - Settings menu
    - Zoom slider
    - Photo Info
    - Good speed
    - Stabalizer, timer and burst modes
    - Lots of editing effects
    - Sharing 

    - No help docs
    - Setting point exposure is a little confusing. You  use a pinch. Not obvious. 
    - No pinch zoom because of their focus/exposure method.
    - Not sure I like the intermediate light box approach. Better use of the default gallery instead. 
    - No batch sharing that I could find. 
    - No HDR mode.
    - No sharing support site like Instagram. 


Big Lens

360 Panorama


Say Cheese Camera (Hold on. I'm writing it. XCode is different than Android Java but I'm cranking.)

This looks like a great camera to me. Canon-EOS-5D Review

Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Live Frames with version 1.6.7 of Say Cheese (android)

This new version has a set of 19 free live frames. We wanted to provide free frames so you could play with them and see how they work in Say Cheese. The Corner Store inside Say Cheese has plenty more to choose from.

To install the free frames, get version 1.6.7 (or higher).  Then go to the Frames Browser. I like to get there by swiping upward on the live camera view screen. Kind of a cool trick for quickly selecting live frames. Once in the Frames Browser, you will see the install button for the free frames if they have not been installed yet. Just click the "Install freeframes" button and they will download and install too your phone.

Here's a snapshot of the Frames Browser ready to install the free frames.

And here are a few examples of the free frames.

Just put the targets face in this frames hole 

Click on this surfer photo to see the cool texture normal size. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Free Frames

We will be releasing a set of free live frames for Say Cheese. We want everyone to see how much fun they are. If you like...the in-app Corner Store has a bunch more to choose from.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Funny Say Cheese Episode. Cute dog at the end of the video.