Monday, November 6, 2017

Snapchat and Apple Collude on ARkit

Apple briefly announced at their iPhone event in Sept that they were working with Snapchat to create hyper-realistic filters that can track your face movements in their ARkit SDK.  Now the interesting thing about this developer technology is the application for the new iPhone X which has unique sensors on the edge of the screen for facial recognition and tracking. 

So in addition to facial ID security, this technology is available for face mapping and realistic face masking or filters like the ones available in Snapchat. But this hardware software breakthrough is available to other developers, not just Snapchat. 

So augmented reality is used to overlay images or graphics onto any face with  the phone's front-facing camera. But even better with the X.  Overlays are not just static. They can include moving graphics in videos.  

Here’s a few Apps using ARkit for real world masking. Expect more as developers become familiar with ARkit and the new iPhone X. 



LOL Movie

Funny Movie Maker


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