Saturday, August 18, 2018

MacOS Mojave at a Glance

I just installed MacOS 10.14 Mojave Beta for it's better GPU support.  I was surprised to find some excellent built-in utilities, features, and new Apps.

If you use utilities like FlexyGlass, you will be pleasantly surprised. Here's a list of my favorite discoveries so far.

1. Dark Mode. 
This is probably a knock-off of Windows-10, but I like it because it's just easier to find stuff. Affected areas are window borders, finder, Calendar, Messages, Safari and other Apps written by Apple. Developers will be releasing Apps with this new display feature.

To use Mojave dark mode head to System Preferences -> General and then at the top you will see the Light and Dark options.

2. New Screen Capture
Cmd/Shift/5 brings up a new capture feature that is loaded with options. This screen capture is intuitive. It is similar to the capture on IOS. You will love this. I grabbed the screen above with this new feature.

3. Stacks
My desktop was a cluttered mess. Not anymore. Just right click on your desktop and select Use Stacks. Finally, all your icons are organized. I was happy with the default, but play with this feature. There is organizing by Last Modified, Date Added, Date Modified, Date Created and Tags. Here's a snapshot of my new desktop. I'm running Turicreate at the moment but notice how clean my desktop is. My wife would be proud of me.

4. Improved Finder
There's a new Preview pane that displays all the relevant file information. Within the finder, now you can crop and rotate images. You are even able to generate a PDF file. 

5. Improved Safari Privacy
I notice the App popped up a confirmation box when some social trackers come along. According to the docs, it also prevents tracking you based on your tech footprint. 

6. IOS Apps running on MacOS.
Now, this is intriguing. Apparently, there is a framework for developers to convert their IOS apps to Mac Apps. Apple's own Voice Recorder and News Apps are converts. 

Someone at Best Camera will write an entire article on this new devloper framework for the new MacOS.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps you get started with Mojave.