Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Funny Video Marketing for Apps

App developers have discovered humor for marketing.

Why use videos to promote an App?

1. A video starts conversions that can lead to sales.
2. Create company trust.
3. Google search. You are 60 times more likely to be found with Google if you have a video.
4. Mobile users love videos.
5. Better messaging. Both sell and demo your App.
6. Social Sharing. And a funny video can go a long way on social media.

One of the better funny vids is from Chatbooks (upper right)

This commercial was produced by Harmon Brothers in Utah. It does a good job of encouraging the installation of Chatbooks for making Photo Books.

There's a brand new comedy video for Rain Cards (upper left)

We received an early release of this commercial produced by Quality Characters in Santa Monica. The video encourages using greeting cards to express yourself and helps cure a poor guy with toxic masculinity. The production has well-known actors.

Note* If you have any favorite funny videos for App marketing, let us know and we will post them here.


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