Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Perseverance is scheduled to land on Mars February 18, 2021 at 3:43 PM EST

Perseverance Rover

Perseverance carries 19 cameras, that's more than any interplanetary mission in history.

If Martians exist, Perseverance will find them.

19 cameras total on the rover: 9 for engineering (color); 3 for entry, descent and landing (1 black-and-white dedicated to Terrain-Relative Navigation and 2 color for public engagement and engineering reconstruction of entry, descent and landing); 2 for Mastcam-Z (color with zoom); 1 for SuperCam (color); 2 for SHERLOC (color); 1 for PIXL (black-and-white with some color capabilities); and 1 for MEDA (black-and-white)

3 cameras on the back shell: all color, all looking up to capture parachute inflation

1 camera on the descent stage: color, looking down to view the rover from above

Watch Live

and Here

Perseverance even has cameras to capture the landing. This is one crazy Camera App.


Perseverance has landed. News of Landing


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