Saturday, September 9, 2017

Can You See The Future?

Nikola Tesla Predicted Smartphones In 1926

But he did not predict this:

The future of smart phones and the path to virtual reality and artificial intelligence belongs to the mobile camera and mobile camera software.

When VR meets AI

For more than a decade, smartphones have become smaller and faster and the cameras have improved dramatically.

Best Camera makes these Big 10 predictions for the future of Smart Phones!

1. Virtual rendering for purchasing. See your purchases of large objects, such as furniture, in your own home before you buy them.
2. Owner recognition and unlocking by facial recognition.
3. Scanning of 3-D for objects for mobile ordering of 3-D printing.
4. Point and translate of printed materials from one language to another.
5. Faster duel camera rendering. The Galaxy Note 8 is paving the way already.
6. Mobile App Drone control and photography will advance in hundreds of directions.
7. Rapid scanning for nearly perfect facial recognition and ultimate security.
8. Augmented reality will bring still objects to life and lead the way to real time virtual reality.
9. 3-D hologram projections
10. Mobile Artificial Intelligence.

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