Sunday, February 11, 2018

BlockChain for Smartphone Voting

Blockchain will disrupt the smartphone industry and change the rules of politics forever. 

“What the internet did for communications, blockchain will do for trusted transactions.” 
Ginni Rometty

Our votes should be Transactions. With a distributed database of transactions there is no central database subject to hacking or insider bribery. When you vote today, do you have a traceable receipt? Do you know what happens to your vote? Do you know if it was even counted? Do you know if it was altered? There is a technology to provide for all of the above. 

So what is this strange technology? Blockchain is the foundation upon which Bitcoins was created. There is no centralized server to hack. It's unhackable for several reason: It's decentralized because it's Peer to Peer. BlockChain uses private/public key encryption on every node and verifies all nodes for each transaction.

Blockchain could change the way we vote. The vast majority of Americans – 95% own smart phones.  What if we could all vote securely for anything with our smart phones? Now that would be a game changer. That would be true people power. With 95% voting and no corruption, the rules of politics in America would change forever. 

Casting votes as blockchain transactions, the system tracks and tallies all the votes. Every voter can agree on the final count because they count the votes themselves.  There's an audit trail, and there is verification that no votes were changed or removed. Illegitimate votes are impossible. The system is un-hackable. There is no central server to hack. 

We only have to win once and the people control voting again and no politician can set the clock back to the good old days when only 50% vote and perhaps their votes counted.

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