Saturday, February 24, 2018

How to get featured in the App Store

Getting your App featured is a big deal. Your App is easier to discover and has an endorsement from Apple. Here’s a few ideas that have worked for developers.

* No non-native App or Apps that are not exclusive to Apple are ever featured by Apple. This is one or many reasons to start with Apple first, get featured and move on to Android. 

1. Native is key. Hybrid Apps are very unlikely to be featured.

2. Bug free. There are no perfect Apps. Still you should bug test and fix as much as you can before submitting.

3. Design your App with an intelligent UI. An elegant design with minimal ease of use is critical. Build your App like Apple builds their products.

4. Your App needs to be universal for all iPads and iPhones.

5. Update your App often.

6. Pitch your App to Apple here:

7.  Follow Apple on twitter @AppStore

8. You need a creative App Icon.

9.  Create those 30 sec preview videos.

10 Your snapshots should be embedded in an Apple product like an iPhone. Apple likes that.

11. Create a video commercial and spread the word on YouTube and social media.

12. Have a great landing page, with useful snapshot, 30 second previews, well written description, good title and subtitle and effective keywords.

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