Friday, November 16, 2018

Buckleless Belt Fooled the TSA

This article has nothing to do with Apps, but I couldn't resist.  It's so cool!

Can I promote a product? I work at my computer and around the house on projects. This belt with no buckle stabbing me is great. I can even ride my bike with long pants. 

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But what I found to be both funny and surprising is how the belt fools the TSA. I’m not kidding. I hate taking off my shoes and belt at the airport, especially my belt because you need to thread it back into your pants. 
Justin Bieber at Airport
Before I found this belt, I was at the Airport standing with my hands up in the scanner. Then my pants fell down.

When I tried to pull my pants back up, the agent got upset and said I need to keep my hands up
“This is nuts!,” I said.

I believe this is a photo of Justin Bieber suffering the same fate. 

Later, I was working on a new railing for my house when I injured my stomach with my belt buckle. I leaned over to grab my drill and it stabbed me.

As I googled for a belt with a soft buckle, I found this belt with no buckle at all. I had my doubts that it would work, but I gave it a try. It works!

Then, while at the airport, I decided to see if they would stop me if I left my new belt on. They use that hand scanner on your belt buckle and tell you to remove the belt. What a pain! Anyway, I got through the big scanner and the hand scanner. Then as he patted me down, he tapped my side and asked this was a belt. I lied and said it was part of my pants.

“Ok,” he said and waved me on. 

On the way back, they didn’t even question me about it. 

I hope the TSA never reads this and that you have less exposure at the airports. 

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