Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hashtag Verification Certificates

Did you know you can obtain verification certificates for any of your hashtags? Hashtags are available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more, so you may want to register and verify any important hashtags.

Engage your tribe.
"Hashtags are everywhere but no one knows where to find you. Twubs offers a single social landing page for you to communicate with your tribe."

Registration is free. Verification is currently $7 per hashtag. 

I just created this one for #BaseReality on Twubs. I want to do a #hashtag marketing campaign for my book.  It's important to fill in all the details about your hashtag. I originally made the mistake of not filling in the details and I noticed my certificate was not much. Here's what it looks like now. Still tweaking.

If you are planning #hashtag marketing campaigns, then I recommend this service.

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