Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thermal imaging

Best Camera predicts that thermal imaging will come soon to mobile cameras and Apps. So why would anyone want this feature?

The Cat S60 is a custom smartphone built for 'Caterpillar' that is the first mobile camera to include thermal imaging. Construction workers and emergency workers use this camera to locate electrical glitches or even find missing people in buildings or outdoors. Now that's cool, well hot. 

So what about everyone else? You could use your phone to find your missing puppy or turtle. Turtles get lost all the time.  You could determine if someone is in your house. That's spooky.  The NSA could be waiting for you or a thief. But with your new smart phone superman feature, you would have the advantage. This is the kind of feature that could become viral. Use it on a TSA agent to get even with them. 

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