Monday, January 29, 2018

Best Blog Technology

I need to start another Blog about Service Side Swift in the Cloud. I have some experience with WIX and with Blogger of course, but I wanted to understand how best to build a Blog for Developers.

So I went for a bike ride, and then spent the entire day researching the best blogging technology. I've become some kind of an expert at this now. Not fun but I believe it was worth it.

 1. Blogger is great, but too primitive for advanced Blogs. I may switch Best Camera to my winner.

 2. Medium is beautiful and well designed,  but they own your content. Medium is a social media version of Wordpress.  It's great for gaining exposure. Initially you will get more visitors than on your own site. But they no longer let you have your own url. Not much customization. Every article basically looks the same. No branding. 

 3. WIX Blog is powerful but it is not good for programmers. No Code Block feature. A show stopper.

 4. Github Wiki is too technical and in your face with GitHub stuff. And they own it.

 5. Site builder is slow. I think they throttle it unless you pay more.

 6. does not have a great editor for blogs.

 7. Weebly is too simple. But good for beginners.

And then I stumbled onto GoDaddy. A stupid domain site. But now they host WordPress for you. It's easy to get started. They have a dashboard for installing and hosting WordPress, and the cost is pretty good.

But WordPress has a ton of themes to choose from. The default blog themes they suggest with their wizard were worthless. What I wanted was something clean and beautiful and similar to  No stupid side bar. I was getting discouraged when I found a theme called Wanderer. It's intelligent. It's like medium but better in some ways. No need for a constant side bar on this Blog because the menu, upper right slides out. You are able to build beautiful posts (real articles of value). Wordpress with Wanderer is cool!  Plenty of features for coders to write articles. I get nothing for telling you about this theme. I've never been a fan of WordPress until now.

So my Blog tech winner is GoDaddy with WordPress hosted and the Wanderer Theme. 

Here's some stats about Wordpress that I did not know:

*  WordPress powers almost 27 percent of the entire internet.
*  WordPress blogs receive 46.6 million comments per month.
*  There are more than 47,000 WordPress plugins.

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