Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Google Photos App

With the iPhone or Android  version, you are able to store an unlimited number of high-quality photos in your Google account.  The App includes an album assistant and some pretty basic photo editing features. There’s a smart search for finding objects, places and events. 

There’s a slick slide show feature for showing off your photos. There is a way to label people in your saved photos. A bit of a Facebook tag idea. 

Using Google Takeout, you can easily download all of your photos. They are your photos 
after all. 

One problem I encountered is that it just starts backing up all your photos and tells you to leave the App open. But what if you don’t want all your photos backed up?

Here’s how to disable all your photos from being auto backed up to your google account. 

1) launch Google Photos
2) Hurry and tap the menu icon top left
3) Tap settings icon at the top 
4) Tap Back up & Sync and toggle it off.  Whew...

*Note, while using Google Photos it got stuck unable to login to an account and was unable to switch accounts. Deleting and reinstalling did not help. The App rendered itself useless. Therefore this ends my review of Google Photos for now. Perhaps they will fix it. 

Well, after much trial and error, I finally got Google Photos working again. I had to use the Google Drive App to add another account. What a pain. 

I did find one useful feature in Google Photos for use with Blogger from an iPad. Posting photos to a Blogger blog from an iPad is the mystery of the ages. Most people revert back to a desktop. However, with Google Photos, there is a way, at least for now.  The trick is to select a photo in Google Photos, and then do a "Backup" not an "Archive". Then in Blogger, you will see your backed up photo under "From your phone" when  adding a new photo. That's quite a mystery solved.  I hope this helps you iPad or iPhone Bloggers. 

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