Thursday, March 1, 2018

Native Anywhere! Apple wants IOS Apps running on Desktop

What will all those mobile Apps running on a desktop do to web based html apps? A lot!

Native anywhere is one of the most significant changes Apple has made in a decade. And it's coming later this year.  Native has a dramatic advantage over HTML5 but the drawback for Apps is no access to desktop. All that will change this year.

From Bloomberg News and Axios . Apple's lead software engineer, Craig Federighi, has been clear on this to Apple employees, this goal is still on target.

The key to all this is the magic SDK. Apple's UIKit and AppKit frameworks provide the foundation  for iOS and macOS app user experiences.

This could be coming with IOS 12 and macOS 10.14. At Apple they call this project "Marzipan". Do not tell anyone!

So with the new SDK. IOS and macOS, developers could be cranking out Universal Apps quickly. 

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