Thursday, October 26, 2017

AI Session @ Mobile Photo Connect Off Target

Sitting silently in the audience, I was surprised at the direction of the conversation by industry leaders on AI. This was a great conference, but this session became unwrapped.

In an effort to offload what they were calling Pure AI to local devices, they called things like speech recognition, gesture recognition and computer vision Artificial Intelligence. These are just front end user interface elements. It is our position that this attempt to call everything Artificial Intelligence is for marketing purposes only.

IBM just purchased 1 billion medical photos to be scanned with Watson. Watson would not have won the Jeopardy game with "Pure AI" on a local computer. The relationship between AI and Big Data cannot be unwrapped by redefining the meaning of AI. The technology needs to become more advanced with machine learning and collaborative data not simply redefined to include new user interface elements from traditional computing for marketing purposes.

The Apps we will be looking for in the field of AI will be much different than what was presented. The great mobile Apps of the future will Tap Into Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud as needed. The vast knowledge of humanity and cognitive understanding cannot be offloaded or redefined. There is a fundamental difference between AI and User Interface Elements. We will be looking for the real deal.

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