Friday, October 27, 2017

Why Not Camera Apps For Voting?

So the computer changes the world 36 years ago. News tried to spread fear. It turned out that computers did not take over. They are tools, like bicycles, just as Steve Jobs said. But for some incredibly inexplicable reason, we still cannot vote with our computers or with our mobile phones. That's because we could accurately track every single vote with redundancy. We would know exactly who voted when, where and how. Our Camera Apps for voting could identify us in real time. The vote would not be isolated in some obscure box for local manipulation by crooks and Russians. No need for recounts because all the votes can be re-tallied again in seconds by redundant systems. And so on... America would become a real Democracy. We cannot have that. Everyone voting! That would not be fair to the corrupt politicians. But the truth is that we need.

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