Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Swift Kitura 2.0 wth Codable Routing

Better back end APIs for Mobile Camera Apps

Why are we writing a coding post on best Camera? It's because the open source programming language by Apple is becoming a universal language for both mobile as well as a preferred language for  backend webserivices.  This means that builders of Camera Apps, Drones, AI solutions, Visualization and more have better tools. And this in turn will result in better Apps.

And IBM has jumped on the band wagon to produce a framework for server side Swift solutions called Kitura

Kitura 2,0 announcement

Now with the advent of Swift 4.0 and Kitura 2.0 a new technology has emerged called Codable Routing  This is cool!

"Traditionally web frameworks require you to think in terms of web requests and responses, with HTTP headers and status codes, and dealing with parsing body data which is typically encoded as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)."

But now coders just create asynchronous functions with completion handlers and they automatically become server side APIs.  So App developers can develop backend APIs for their mobile clients in Swift, and they can do it in 1/10th of the code.

But then to make it even easier for Swift clients like IOS Apps, IBM created KituraKitmaking it very easy to share Swift types between the client and server in the form of a Client/Server Contract. 

Here's an example on GitHub 

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