Thursday, September 21, 2017

What is ARKit from Apple?

Augmented Reality is becoming mainstream for Camera Apps.

ARKit is an Augmented Reality SDK (software development kit) from Apple for programmers, in particular Camera App coders. The SDK is basically a framework library that helps programmers create Augmented Reality Camera Apps for IOS devices. 

ARKit uses Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) for tracking what the camera sees.  It combines the camera sensor data with motion data. And ARKit uses scene understanding to locate horizontal planes for placement of virtual objects onto the scene.

ARKit can also estimate the amount of lighting in a scene to then adjust the brightness for virtual objects to match the scene. It's pretty slick.

This new toolkit is available for use on IOS 11 and is programmed by developers using the new Xcode 9. It's available for both the Swift and Objective-C programming languages. 

Some example Apps are already popping up in the App Store taking advantage of this new technology. A pretty good review of these first Apps can be found here on

Many more to AR Apps will follow and we will be scouting for the best ones. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wikitude Augmented Browser

The Wikitude World Browser App is an augmented reality browser.  Using your smartphone’s camera the augmented browser uses over 3,500 associated content providers to give you information about where you are. For  example: landmarks, directions to the nearest ATM, suggested places to eat and hotels through Yelp and TripAdvisor.  Not sure about the bug-bug stating game included. But I like the ability to check mark and share your favorite spots via Facebook. That's cool.

Download for free:

Android      IOS 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

iPhone 8 and Augmented Reality

The new iPhone 8 has wireless charging, freeing up a port for your headset. But this new phone also has a new camera with augmented reality features. Combined with the ARkit SDK and IOS 11, developers have a new toy and a new market to attack. This was predicted here on Best Camera. We can't wait to see the new augmented reality camera apps.

What coders are learning about AR

iPhone X Front Camera Face Detection

So you're telling me there's a chance. The face detection has a one in a million chance of letting the wrong person into your phone. The X  has no home button, it's water proof and costs $999. One more thing:

Steve Jobs boat in Hanalei, Kauai 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Can You See The Future?

Nikola Tesla Predicted Smartphones In 1926

But he did not predict this:

The future of smart phones and the path to virtual reality and artificial intelligence belongs to the mobile camera and mobile camera software.

When VR meets AI

For more than a decade, smartphones have become smaller and faster and the cameras have improved dramatically.

Best Camera makes these Big 10 predictions for the future of Smart Phones!

1. Virtual rendering for purchasing. See your purchases of large objects, such as furniture, in your own home before you buy them.
2. Owner recognition and unlocking by facial recognition.
3. Scanning of 3-D for objects for mobile ordering of 3-D printing.
4. Point and translate of printed materials from one language to another.
5. Faster duel camera rendering. The Galaxy Note 8 is paving the way already.
6. Mobile App Drone control and photography will advance in hundreds of directions.
7. Rapid scanning for nearly perfect facial recognition and ultimate security.
8. Augmented reality will bring still objects to life and lead the way to real time virtual reality.
9. 3-D hologram projections
10. Mobile Artificial Intelligence.

Now you can ride your camera

This was just too incredible not to write about. Here is a video of a man riding his drone. Now that is a basis for photography and great camera Apps.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Quickshot App from Lighttricks

The new Quickshot app from lighttricks adjusts your photography in real time. It basically aligns, adjusts exposure, and shows filters in real time. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's a subscription paid model. Still worth a look. It's free to download for limited features. Only on iPhone, not IPad. Quickshot Link

The Skyrocketing business of Drones

App developers are discovering the benefits that drones and image evaluation can bring to fire fighters, builders, farmers, miners, scientists and many others. 

Here is an interesting article about an upstart software company DroneDeploy focused on Drone App technology and image analysis. 

The next gen Camera Apps

CNBC article

Monday, September 4, 2017

Make Gif's from Photos and Vides


GIFs are fun and shareable. But how is a good way to take your mobile photos and videos and create Gifs. 

Try Gifx. This App has over 200 GIF effects for your photos and videos. It lets you add music, and it has over 100 optional masks to use as well, a cool feature.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Funny Camera Apps for IOS

iSwap Faces

Swap two faces in a photo. Definitely funny. 

Add Smoke and Fire to your photos. Pretty slick. 

Change the hairstyles, hats, ears, noses, wyes, mouths, beards and more.


Live and After lens effects. A funny audio response feature to comment when a photo is taken.

 Morfo 3D Face Booth

Edit a photo of yours, a friend, your pet, celebrity etc. and make a 3D face in a fun way like making your 3D face haed bang to rock music.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Drone Camera Apps

It seems that the Swift programming language, IBM Bluemix, Watson, Cloudant and  OpenWisk are ideal technologies for building DJI Drone Camera Apps. Here's a sample App called Skylink, including source code. Any ideas for the best Drone Camera Apps?

Skylink Camera App

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Depth Imaging Smartphones

Here is an interesting article about Depth Imaging Smartphones. Is depth imaging mobile cameras in the near future or not?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Best Camera looks at Drone Apps

Drones are a great way to take photos and videos. Spectacular footage comes from drones. But what are some good Add-On Apps for Drones? Below is a good list of helpful Apps for drones pilots with a quick summary of their best features. But what we are really looking for is Apps with Artificial Intelligence for feedback as well as enhanced computer generated imagery. For that we are doing our research, so stay tuned.


This IOS App is a great App for beginning Drone Pilots. Hover comes with No-Fly zones to help you know where you can legally fly your drone. 


This App is for both IOS and Android helps pilots connect with other pilots. You can chat, share ideas and even meet-up. 

For IOS and Android, use this App to track nearby helicopters and airplanes. Check the air before launching safely. 


For IOS, this app has a flight trainer to help you fly better. 

Sun Surveyor

For IOS and Android, use this app to see exactly where the sun is located throughout the day using augmented reality. Basically you have the power to map the best time and locations to photograph.


This IOS App helps correct the horizontal and vertical distortion common to drone photography. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Enhance your images for social media

Here is an excellent article on on how to enhance your images for social media. Many of these tips apply to printing as well. You will want a Camera App with solid photo editing and text on photo features to implement these great tips.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Recovering old Photo of my Dog from 1962

Mobile App Photo Editing

i was able to use the Lightroom and Afterlens mobile Apps to help restore this ancient photo of my childhood dog, Zed.

Here's the before and after photos.

                                    Before                                               After

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Why Shoot Raw Photos?

Apple’s built-in Camera app has no option for shooting in raw files and saving them to an open-source format like DNG files.  But iOS 10 makes it possible for third-party camera apps to to save Raw file. And it's possible to convert raw to the open source format or JPEG.

But why would you want to shoot raw photos? These photos have not been automatically improved by IOS. So you would not want to shoot RAW unless you have a photo editor in your camera app for improving the files. Here's a list of advantages in shooting RAW photos.

1. Higher quality. Afterlens computer editing is better for processing and converting photos than the camera is.

2. It is easier to correct over exposed or even under exposed photos if they are raw. 

3. JPEG, the native camera file format, only records 256 levels of brightness. But raw photos have up to 16,384 levels. This can make a big difference with afterlens editing of exposure, blacks, fills,  contrast, and brightness.

4. You have access to more details.

5. It is easier to adjust white balance because it's not lost in the JPEG conversion by the camera. 

6. If your App does any printing such as posters, wall plaques, photo books or greeting cards, then you will get better print results from originally raw photos. You get less banding which is bad for printing. And you have finer colors. 

Again, the downside is that your Camera App needs afterlens photo editing. Here's an example of raw on the left and pre-processed on the right. The Raw file is ready for better afterlens processing. 

This new Camera App looks interesting from Ex-Apple Ex-Twitter Duo

petapixel article on Halide Camera

What's changed since 2014?

Hot Apps from 2014. What's changed?

HDR, AI, Slow Motion, Advanced Default Cameras, Photo Editing and more were not available back then.

boost your photography

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Basic Camera Tips for Better Mobile Photos

Best Camera Apps Tips

1. Clean your lens. Sounds simple but ofter forgotten.

2. Avoid digital zoom. Well, unless you are going for a blurred photo.

3. Light up your subject. Camera's have touch exposure features but you should also work with the light you have.

4. Use the stabilizer feature if your camera app has one. A steady hand will do wonders.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Camera Artificial Intelligence is emerging.

Here's camera add-on controlled by your smart phone that uses AI for the best settings. What I'm wondering, is what about a Camera App that uses AI?  Now that would be cool! But this product is fascinating.

AI Camera Add-on.

Artificial Intelligence is coming to mobile cameras, both hardware and software solutions.

Here is a photos App with IBM Watson included. This short video shows Watson launching and taking a picture. So Watson should be apple to do more, such as stabilize, exposure, HDR, filters and more.

Nice Afterlens Video Demo

What is unique about this Camera App is the powerful photo editor and shutterfly like photo gift printing bundled into your Camera App. Well here, see what I mean.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Camera Apps and Apple Watch as Remote Shutter

Did you know that some camera Apps are shutter controlled remotely with Apple Watch. Examples include the Default Camera, Snapchat, Manual, Camera+ and Afterlens.

The way this works is that these Apps detect the volume button click and use it as a shutter button. But the Apple Watch can control the volume and act as a remote shutter.

  • Open your Camera Apps: Default Camera, Snapchat, Manual, Camera+ or Afterlens on your iPhone
  • Swipe up on Apple Watch for glances then into Music glance
  • Turn the Digital Crown or press Volume + to snap pic remotely
 Apple Watch as Remote Shutter video demo

In the Rainhut, you can also have Watson launch the Camera. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Top 10 iPhone Camera Apps for 2017

This App has great add on effects. An incredibly popular App with young users. Here's some cool tricks for using Snapchat.
Click here for Snapchat tricks

This App has great film like filters with some nice camera controls like the funny face overlays and shutter speed controls.
Find VSCO here

This paid App has shutter speed, ISO and exposure values. Focus, ISO and white balance. Manual has an option for Raw uncompressed images for higher quality. This App is also good for shooting closeups.
Find Manual here

This popular App is now free after years of being a paid App. This is a great camera app and combined photo editor. There is separate exposure and focus. It includes a countdown timer. With the IPhone 7 you can select either of the phones cameras, telephoto and normal.
Find Camera+ here

This App combines a great camera, advanced photo editing and professional photo printing via Walgreens and Fujifilm. The high quality photos taken with the stabilizer and touch focus/exposure are a perfect match for creating and ordering posters and wall plaques directly from the App. There dozens of print products to select from.
Find Afterlens here
Afterlens Video Demo

⭐ DxO One
This App is very easy to operate and highlights some of the coolest feature that photo lovers are looking for. Removes haze and fog from backgrounds. The App far more valuable if you own their DxO camera.

⭐ ProShot
This Camera is loaded Control shutter speed, focus and ISO and there is 2 different bulb modes, and camera mode dials make this app even more loaded. Light trail, time-lapse and also light painting are fun.

NightCap Pro
This App is great for photos in low light. It will make long exposures effortless and some clever processing tricks will remove unwanted noise. It has features to reduce wobble during those exposure shots.

⭐ ProCamera
Nice easy to use interface. you can set ISO, shutter speed and lock them, white balance, exposure compensation and independent focus and exposure controls. It displays a histogram if you are into that. There's a tilt feature and anti-shake. It has video and a cool QR Code feature
Find ProCamera here

⭐ Snapseed
Acquired by Google, this App has an intuitive swipe based interface for editing images. There is adding bokeh, blurred background effect (useful for portraits), and you can make fine adjustments to a select part of the image. There are filters, artistic effects, borders.
Find Snapseed here

Friday, July 21, 2017

Snapchat - 2017

Snapchat has to be one of the funnest Apps around.

Here's a great article on how to use the 2017 version of Snapchat

How to use Snapchat 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

Afterlens - 2017

***** Favorite 5 stars

Afterlens has great live and after effects. 

Visit Afterlens

Highlights for this App.

1. Camera plus features like stabilizer, timer, touch focus, touch exposure, grid, geotag, watermark
2. Live and After lens effects for both photos and videos
3. Incredible Rainmaker Photo Editor with text, fonts, templates, speech bubbles, sprites frames.
4. Professional printing with Walgreens and Fujifilm. Create prints, mugs, wall art, puzzles and much more and wholesale prices. 
5. Share photos everywhere. 
6. Funny talking camera option
7. Video cropping beginning and  end

Here's a good  demo video of the Afterlens Camera App

Both Still and Video Modes

Use your own photos
Large selection of photo Gifts