Tuesday, March 20, 2018

After I sent Rain Cards a Get Well Card?

After I poked fun at the ASO used for the Rain Cards App in the Apple App Store as a bad example, they have created a press kit that actually makes sense. I'm betting that with their next release, they might improve the ASO as well.

Remember in a prior post I talked about how to write an elevator pitch. This is classic.

Our Company X
Has Developed (describe your app and or service quickly)
To Provide for (your target customers)
By Solving (what problem does your App solve and why?)
With our Unique (what makes your App unique?)

Someone at Rainhut has been reading my blog after I poked fun at them. 

This is what I found here on their rain cards landing site   Just click the Press Kit button to see.

Rain Cards Press 

"Rainhut Inc has developed a native IOS Rain Cards App for mobile users to quickly create and print beautiful greeting cards for any occasion.

Rain Cards provides the convenience of mobile and the power of desktop editing with our unique and friendly Rainmaker Wizard.  Personalization has never been easier. The App includes an accurate 3D preview and a nearest Walgreens Store finder. 

Rain Cards comes with a gallery of thoughtful beautiful designs. New card designs and art published by artists to the Rainhut Cloud are instantly available to owners of the free Rain Cards App! Just pay for printing and shipping. Or just pickup the printed cards at any Walgreens same day."

They followed with a link to images that can be used by journalists writing articles and links for a couple videos hosted on youtube. Not bad RC, please accept my Congratulations Card. Keep this up and I might include Rain Cards in the review of the Best Greeting Cards Apps for 2018 coming soon.

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