Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Wow! March 24 March for Our Lives

Bring your Smart Phones

Historic photos; over half a million smart phones will converge on DC for this March on March 24th.

Between 500,000 and one million are expected for the kids. Yet the government has banned them from the National Mall. Not kidding! They used this same tactic in the 60s to avoid an accurate count and photos of the mall full of protesters. But It’s not easy to ban a million people and they are all armed with Camera Apps, unlike the 60s. Do the feds plan to bring in troops? I hope this doesn’t turn into a Kent State. Will mothers pound on the doors of the capital building? Cameras are the great equalizer. They record the truth. 

On the night of Thursday, Nov. 13, 1969, the “March Against Death” began. By the time that weekend was over, Washington, D.C., had seen more protesters than any single event in its history had drawn. Here we go again. 

Take some historic photos like this

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