Friday, March 23, 2018

Watson-coreML Coupling in New App

There is new App being developed right now using the Watson-coreML Combo. This team understands the value here and their App, though playful, could be addictive and viral. It’s fast smart and will keep getting smarter without the need to update the App in the App Store. It’s taking advantage of the speed of local native and the power of enterprise server side.

But what is important is that new Apps, using this friendly combo of Watson server side and Apple coreML native device side, will bring great value to users in a wide range of industries.

Here are the steps taken by developers in merging these two AI technologies from two industry giants. First a developer signs up on the IBM Cloud. Then they use the new Watson Studio tool to train and deploy a coreML model to the IOS App. Then they run the App on the IOS device to classify images using CoreML. Finally, they get feedback from the users and send the feedback to Watson in the cloud for more training.

I will keep you posted on the progress of this App. It's out of this world. I so want to tell you what the App does. Just need permission first.

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