Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Press Release Secrets. Should I be telling this?

Secret PR Info

Here’s the secret spice for creating and submitting your press release.

1. Craft your Intro like an elevator pitch 

The most successful outline is pretty simple.

Our Company X
Has Developed (describe your app and or service quickly)
To Provide for (your target customers)
By Solving (what problem does your App solve and why?)
With our Unique (what makes your App unique?)

Remember, try to leave a lasting impression. Get straight to the point. Focus on why! It should be clear that you know your audience. Include a call to action.

Here's some press release examples from pros: https://fitsmallbusiness.com/press-release-examples/

2. Use a PR agency - or not

prweb.com is a good service and you can signup for free. They help you create, distribute and track your news. But you can create your own press release and email it to journalists. Keep reading...

3. Find the right journalists for your App review. Search the web and read reviews. Google has a News tab. So search for something about your space and hit the News tab to find articles from journalists. 

4. Found your best journalists? Now lookup their email address. Should I be telling you this? You can find anyone’s email address here voilanorbert.com 

5. Try to establish a relationship with journalists

6. HelpAReporter.com is a way inject yourself into the middle of journalists asking for help to review topics. This is rather sneaky. But it’s a targeted way to find journalists. And if you know writers, convince them to help write an article and include your App. Is this legal? No idea. 

7. Read what the experts say. For example this TechCrunch editor writes about how to pitch journalists here. He is pretty upset with all the crap submissions he receives and provides a pretty good outline of what he wants. I'm not suggesting that all journalists want what Mike wants, but he has some good suggestions:  http://mbites.com/2015/07/01/the-press-release-is-dead/


David McInnis said...

Then, there is this by yours truly. Founder of PRWeb offers free press release review. http://www.liveoakcreative.com/live-pr-review

Anonymous said...

Good one David