Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Apple and IBM are colluding on a Childhood's End vision!

Apple is banking on the future of Core ML (machine learning) and ARKit (augmented reality) working together. It's a grand vision. But there is another player sneaking into the mix and that is IBM Watson.

Apple's machine learning framework for IOS has extensive features for deep learning with over 30 layer types: face tracking, speech, bar code detection and so on.

Then with ARKit and the new A9/10/11 processors, it's possible to create vast VR experiences of any physical world on mobile devices.  Combining ML and AR has crazy potential.

But then consider the problem you have with a mobile device implementing Artificial Intelligence. There is no access to big data, the true driving force of real artificial intelligence. The place where the singularity will emerge.

So now consider the subtle partnership between IBM Watson and Apple Core ML and AR. What these two giants are up to is fascinating. Take the simple task of image recognition. With Core ML, you have a limited model that has learned image recognition. But to update that model, it gets tricky. So along comes IBM Watson and you are able to upload your photos to the cloud with big data and constantly learning models.

But what these two giants decided to do was use the A11 processor on the mobile devices and when connected to the internet, update their Core ML models from Watson in the cloud. That's right. No need to upload the photos for image recognition, ever! It's like some creature from another world tapping into our power source getting smarter and smarter!

Now consider all three in combination; Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Big Data AI kindly making the mobile device smarter when convenient with it's yummy power. Now that is thinking outside of the box. There are some smart people at Apple and IBM colluding on a Childhood's End vision. And this same idea can apply to drones or humanoid robots. Welcome to the future.

by contributing author: Rob Adamson

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